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Frequently asked questions

What happened to the 'old' GDPR Community forum?

As we stated on the previous version of the website for some time, we have retired the old forum in April 2020 in favour of this new format. Unfortunately, this has meant that we started fresh and old posts have been archived, so please bear with us as we start the discussions again...

What if I don't agree with what I've read?

Our forums are made up from contributions from our community. The posts are made up of opinions and views and these may not align with your way of thinking. We would encourage you to reply and provide your point of view... We try to review the content as often as possible for accuracy but by the natue of an open forum is that we do present conflicting views!

I've seen that posted already?

We encourage you to search the forum prior to posting as somebody may of already asked what you are about to ask. To avoid duplication and for you to get your answer quickly we suggest you review the responses to the existing posts before posting a new thread,

Is GDPR Community and official EU or Government Resource?

GDPR Community is not an official EU Commission or Government resource. We are a private company that tries to help people that have an interest in GDPR

Why didn't I get my password reset e-mail?

Our services are ran using the WIX platform so please check your inbox for a reset e-mail from the WIX service. It will enable you to reset and get back into your account. If you still do not see the WIX email in your inbox then please send an email to

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