GDPR Community Recruitment

We believe in working together


GDPR Community supports its members and organisations through data protection recruitment.

GDPR Community was approached by businesses asking for help with their data protection. This included organisations searching for next data protection specialists. The community is made up of a network of data protection enthusiasts. This presented an opportunity to give back to that community's careers and leverage it to support organisations data protection efforts through recruitment.

Why you should use GDPR Community for your recruitment?

​GDPR Community is made up of people with a genuine interest for data protection.  The community has a wealth of knowledge. This includes members with a variety of experience, from global leaders, data protection officers to entry-level students. GDPR Community reviews all candidates to ensure they are strong representatives of the community when providing their data protection support to organisations.

​GDPR Community strives on providing a quality service. To ensure both the organisation's requirements are met and the community members recruitment process is smooth, a dedicated contact manager is assigned. This ensures communication is clear. We keep our recruitment process simple and transparent.

Our community members are data protection specialists and have a track record of delivering.

We believe in working together!

Recruitment Services

GDPR Community currently provides the following recruitment services:

  • Permanent Recruitment

  • Contact/Temporary Recruitment

  • Retained Search and Selection

Whether you are an organisation that requires the assistance of you are a community member looking to use your skills to help in a new role, we operate with discretion, professionalism and securely to help you find the right match for you.

We are proud to be able to give back to our community members and advance their careers whilst providing a high-quality specialist recruitment service to organisations.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." 
Margaret J. Wheatley