The Role of Communication and Awareness in Being GDPR-Compliant

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

With the implementation of GDPR, companies are trying their best to comply to the demands of the European Union.

If you are business and are looking for inexpensive ways to be GDPR-compliant, then, a relatively low-cost way, to attain the goals of GDPR is security and Privacy by default.

What is Security and Privacy by Design / Default you may ask?

Mentioned article 25 and is one of the key principles of the new regulation. This will require a business establishment to always put data protection and security in mind every time they process personal data.

This would mean including vital stepping stones such as design process, development, design of the IT infrastructure and a whole lot more. Simply put, privacy and security must be the main foundation and basis through the entire transaction and should never be neglected – ever!

Are Communication and Awareness Significant?


It will be the responsibility of the appointed Data Protection Officer in order to be ever compliant to GDPR at all times. Every employee still has a role to play, as they also need to personally take care of their individual data. The usual scenario when it comes to these things however is not having the employees have an in-depth understanding of the situation and are only often told that a GDPR-project will be implemented will come and change things. It is the job of the company to inform all its employees exhaustively regarding the matter as the company will be the one that will be held accountable should there be a breach which is why communication and awareness is a must!

Change Your Attitude for the Best!

An attitude change should be in check now that GDPR is here to stay and make major changes especially when it comes to handling personal data. A company should have a clear vision of its functions but most of all, be compliant to GDPR. This will be a challenge for older companies as they tend to have this “family business” attitude which isn’t quite good when we put GDPR into perspective. A GDPR team should be made and have them conduct lectures and training to educate everyone in the company and change for the better.

Never Exclude Your Employees

Your employees are quintessential for your company as they help you run your business. This is why we should never really take them out of the picture especially when we are talking about GDPR. Employees often seek inclusiveness within their companies and you should take advantage of that to involve them as much as possible as this is a two-way street. As previously mentioned, never fail to inform and educate your employees regarding the upcoming changes and explain to them the importance of GDPR.

Keep Awareness at an All-Time High

Again, the key to be GDPR compliant is to never neglect to disseminate information whenever you can. You can start by informing your employees about good practices that they can observe to keep up with the changes. Another important note to point out is having them learn online via company communication channels. It pays to constantly remind employees or else there will be a price to pay.