Report from Imperva looks at GDPR Compliance

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A recent study done by security firm, Imperva found that around 28% of organizations do not feel compliant with GDPR despite it being in place for almost a year. The findings were based on the 185 attendees at Infosecurity Europe 2018, where Imperva surveyed a number of managers, executives, and IT professionals.

Less than half of the respondents stated that they were confident that they could pass their first GDPR audit, while over a third were slightly confident, and less than one-fifth were not.

When it comes to the knowledge about the where the personal data of users are residing in their systems, only a third of the organizations knew the location while more than a half admitted that they would need approximately three months to get the job done.

Fortunately, when it came to dealing with subject data requests, 90% of the respondents felt that they could deal with the matter easily, with 57% of them have already received one request already.

Terry Ray, CTO of Imperva, said a large portion of organizations still aren’t sure of how they’re supposed to comply with the GDPR’s laws, and that any company who was put off GDPR compliance has now realized it to be a huge undertaking that cannot be done overnight.