Instagram Add Data Download Tool

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Instagram has announced a tool that will allow users to export data that they have shared using the popular app.

An Instagram spokesperson revealed that the new tool will be out soon and will enable users to download their photos, videos and messages. But how about the archived stories, followers lists, comments and likes? Will the extracted data come out in high resolution or compressed forms? I guess Instagram prefers to keep us guessing in the time being since it specifically told online website TechCrunch to wait for more details.

We’ll share more details very soon when we actually launch the tool. But at a high level, it allows you to download and export what you have shared on Instagram.”

It’s not like we’d have to wait for the new data download feature to be able to export information from the platform. You can actually find a list of tools and techniques that other users use to export their “Insta-goodies” on Digital Trends. Although these third-party apps to get the job done, there is still the question on personal data security. Remember that before you can access the services these apps provide, you’d first have to hand over both your content and Instagram login. There really isn’t any guarantee that your personal data would be kept safe in a locked vault.

The tool’s launch is necessary for Instagram to comply with the data protection rule in the European Union’s GDPR privacy law that went into effect on May 25th 2018. But it’s also quite a reasonable concession given that with almost a billion users, Instagram has become the dominant image sharing social network. The company doesn’t really need to lock up their users’ data for them to stick around.

GDPR law emphasizes personal data transparency and would give users a sense of control over how their data are being moved, this includes being able to demand deletion of data, to opt out of future data collection, and to extract data in a format that they can transfer into another similar platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did say that the GDPR changes Facebook’s been working on would be made available to all users worldwide, he only managed to say vague and ambiguous statements when asked whether the company would extend the same European-level, GDPR- required data protections and disclosures to American users.