ICO issues fines to EU brexit campaign and insurance agency

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued fines totalling £120,000 to an EU Brexit campaign and an insurance agency for breaches of electronic marketing laws and is set to look into how both are conforming to data protection laws.

The ICO reported a review and issued an enforcement notice and three notifications of fines to Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance which trade as Go Skippy Insurance, in November 2018 as a feature of its examination concerning data analytics for political purposes. 

ICO has issued the fines, affirming a change to one sum, with the other two staying unaltered. The regulator has likewise issued two assessment notification to Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance to make the two associations aware that they will be reviewed/audited.

The ICO examination found that Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance were firmly connected. Frameworks for isolating the individual information of protection clients’ from that of political supporters’ were insufficient.

This came about in Leave.EU utilizing Eldon Insurance clients’ details unlawfully to send very nearly 300,000 political marketing messages. Leave.EU has been fined £15,000.

Eldon Insurance completed two unlawful direct advertising efforts. The campaigns included the sending of more than one million messages to Leave.EU subscribers without appropriate consent. Leave.EU has been fined £45,000 and Eldon Insurance has been fined £60,000 for the rupture. 

Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner stated:

“It is deeply concerning that personal data gathered for political purposes was later used for insurance purposes. It should never have happened.”

The notification permits the ICO access to Leave.EU and Eldon’s joint workplaces, staff, and documentation. It is a criminal offence to deter an ICO review or annihilate data in the scope of it. 

The ICO’s audit will review data protection practices including seeing how close to home information is handled, taking into account what arrangements and methods are set up and taking a view at the sorts of training was made accessible for staff. They will likewise be talking key representatives crosswise over the two associations including the executives, staff and their information security officials. The ICO’s review discoveries will be made open at the finish of its work.

Eldon Insurance has additionally gotten a notice from the ICO requesting the organization find a way to guarantee it follows electronic marketing regulation and guidelines. 

The ICO has distributed two reports as a major aspect of its wide-going data analytics examination. For more information and context you can visit the ICO website or call them directly on 0303 123 9070