Half of All Companies Fail on Securing Your Data

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

What consequences await organizations that ignore the gravity of an online data breach?

A report from Ensighten uncovered the perspectives and states of mind of a hundred organizations in the UK and across the globe concerning the strategies they implement in relation to data security.

The absence of investment, as well as the lack of attention to detail, place customers’ information at risk. About half of the organizations from this study are aware of the grave impacts of an online data breach.

Some organizations claim that they had experienced a data security incident, while other organizations state they have established new security measures.

Fifteen percent of the firms involved in the study admitted to being aware of the risks, while almost three-fifths claimed to have not even considered, assessed, or implemented data security.

The most widely recognized issues to blame for big companies’ security vulnerabilities, were lack of budgets and poor management systems.

Some companies claim not putting extra efforts on spending on customer data protection.

Ian Woolley, Ensighten chief revenue officer: “It’s astonishing that nearly half of enterprises admit they are at risk of a website breach – and some are only checking security measures just once every six months. This is a global problem. We should question why companies aren’t taking better care of their data. It shouldn’t take a leak or breach to inspire action to improve marketing security when customer details are so sensitive. Prevention is better than cure. Brands must put the safety of their customers’ data first. A lot of enterprises are on the brink of a website breach by failing to put a holistic security strategy in place. Companies must properly assess their strategies and defences to protect their customers – and ultimately their reputation and future.”