Google Chrome Cookies

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Google Chrome has been bombarded with criticism over their cookie hoarding and automatic sign-in feature that was added recently. Fortunately, Google listened and Chrome 70 cancelled their controversial change stating that they are hearing the concerns of its users and “appreciates” their feedback.

Chrome product manager Zach Koch has stated that there is nothing to worry about when logging in to a Google property.

Although he insisted that everything is fine because the feature does not auto-enable a Sync slurp of the user’s browser history, he still offered a compromise to control the damage. Users will now have the option to prevent the auto sign-in feature by turning it off in the Privacy and Security settings.

Furthermore, he assured their users that they will stop their cookie hoarding and will delete ALL of them when requested.

An independent cybersecurity and privacy researcher, Dr Lukasz Olejnik, has stated that these little changes which were subtly introduced in Chrome 69 were already enough to request a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for GDPR.

Some users, however, are still frustrated about the introduction of this feature and are still sceptical despite Google’ efforts, many voicing how it’s already too late.

Olejnik said that the efforts of Google wouldn’t have been possible if there were no people who uninstalled Chrome in fear of their Privacy.