GDPR Community Opinion Question Results (27 - 04/07/20)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This week we asked the community for their opinion in a poll posted on our Linkedin company page.

After The Europeon commissions review of the adoption of GDPR came back positive this week, we ask the community for their views on the regulations impact

The question was, "Which statement best describes your opinion on GDPRs impact on data protection practices since it’s adoption over the last 2 years?"

The poll was launched on the 27/06/20 and had a total run time of one week ending on 04/07/20.

There was a total of 154 respondents.

The results were as follows:

  • It has had a strong impact = 56%

  • It has had some impact = 34%

  • It has had little impact = 6%

  • It has had no impact = 3%

87 voted 'It has had a strong impact'. 53 respondents voted for 'It has had some impact', 9 respondents voted for 'It has had little impact', 5 respondents voted for 'It has had no impact'.

This week's questions can be found here. Please submit your vote and get involved.

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Views from the Community

We reached out to the community for their views and to ask the reason for their vote. We had the following valuable insights to share,

Morgane Gardier

Adjointe DPO

Renault Retail Group

Voted: It has had some impact

"I voted "It has had some impact" because I believe that the GDPR does indeed have an impact on the data subjects and the way data are processed but I find that this impact is not very significant. In my opinion, data subjects are becoming aware of their rights over their data but companies are still reluctant to really comply with the GDPR and therefore they are preventing a greater impact of the EU regulation!"

Nikhil Singhvi Jain S


Grant Thornton

Voted: It has had some impact

"Working as part of consultancy, fortunately, I have implemented and reviewed GDPR for many organisation from mid-size firm to large MNC’s. Many organisations have hired or promoted Data Protection Officers to manage any organisational GDPR concerns regarding compliance. However, the auditing of each organisation differs from nation to nation as Data Protection Agencies from each respective nation are responsible for their own member states. As a result, many organisations have been left anxious over whether or not their business practices classify as “adequate”. This has lead to both positive and negative implications:

Positive implications includes followings but not limited to:

1. Cybersecurity posture Improved

2. Standardisation of Data Protection and

3. Brand Goodwill

Negative implications includes followings but not limited to:

1. Non-compliance penalties are huge and

2. Compliance Cost is high which depends from organisations to organisations and the amount of data they collect, process, store or use".

Marina Tsikintikou

Assistant to the Data Protection Officer

Post Luxembourg

Voted: It has had some impact

"However, controllers should go further than pure declarative privacy policies and really implement RGPD, or at least start the compliance procedure. Because recent fines show that in practice there is still a long road ahead and we should remain extremely vigilant even after GDPR".

James Kelliher

Senior Data Protection Litigation Executive / Certified Data Protection Officer

FD Law trading as Hayes Connor Solicitors

Voted: It has had some impact

"Its extremely interesting to see statistics on different aspects of the GDPR, however we at Hayes Connor Solicitors continue to see an alarming amount of defendants, and some large organisations who still fail to adhere to the GDPR in so many ways, from:

- Reporting data breaches within the specified time frame.

- Responding to DSAR requests.

- Keeping confidential, medical, and financial details accurate, and up to date.

- ensuring data subjects data is secure and protected at all times.

We at Hayes Connor Solicitors are confident that the protection of data will progress with time to be taken more seriously, but we will continue to advise clients of their data protection rights".

Maria Luisa Renzi

Junior Associate - Data Protection

LS Cube Studio Legale

Voted: It has had an impact

"The point is that full implementation does not always mean full understanding of new rules. In my own experience, in the private sector, I have worked with several companies which have proved themselves to be reluctant - and some times, simply incapable - to understand and accept the new approach of the GDPR to the data protection".

Jarne Staelens

System Engineer


Voted: It has had some impact

"It had some impact because we had to upgrade our password policy. We are migrated from the old keepass to keepass for present server. (The passwords are now stored in a central database).

Keepass is a password client where we store our company passwords, but we also use it for RDP and SSH sessions to remote machines".

Tsvetina Hristova Lungarova, CIPP/E

Data Protection Officer


Voted: It has had some impact

"For the impact of GDPR to be recognized as “strong” it first has to be well understood by those who have to comply with it. Today almost everyone has heard of it, but how many executives understand it is not just paperwork/checkbox exercise, pure legal matter or someone’s specific job? What about their risk appetite, considering that regulators in many countries are not sufficiently funded, yet? To me “everyone has heard of it=some” and “most understand it=strong”, because understanding drives change. “Some” is not a bad thing, not at all, the first steps are the most difficult usually, so I feel very positive about it. It is definitely a good “some”."