GDPR Community Opinion Question Results (25 - 01/08/20)

This week we asked the community for their opinion in a poll posted on our Linkedin company page.

This week we ask the community about their data protection working experience.

The question was, "How many years have you worked in a role related to data protection?"

The poll was launched on the 25/07/20 and had a total run time of one week ending on 01/08/20.

There was a total of 279 respondents.

The results were as follows:

How many social media accounts do you have?

  • 4 or more years = 47%

  • 2-3 years = 32%

  • 1 year = 13%

  • 0 = 9%

131 voted for '4 or more years',88 voted for '2-3 years',36 voted for '1 year',24 voted for '0'.

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