GDPR Community Opinion Question Results (18 - 25/07/20)

This week we asked the community for their opinion in a poll posted on our Linkedin company page.

Social Networking allows communities to connect but often means sharing your personal information. This week we ask the community how many social media accounts they currently use,

The question was, "How many social media accounts do you have?"

The poll was launched on the 18/07/20 and had a total run time of one week ending on 25/07/20.

There was a total of 207 respondents.

The results were as follows:

How many social media accounts do you have?

  • 6+ 10%

  • 4-5 31%

  • 2-3 48%

  • 1 (I only use LinkedIn) 11%

21 voted '6+'. 64 respondents voted for '4-5', 100 respondents voted for '2-3', 22 respondents voted for '1 (I only use LinkedIn)'.

This week's questions can be found here. Please submit your vote and get involved.

If you have a suggestion for a question or would like to share your opinion, we would love to hear from you, send us an email at