GDPR Community Opinion Question Results (04 - 11/07/20)

This week we asked the community for their opinion in a poll posted on our Linkedin company page.

This week we reported about the police using automated facial recognition (AFR) technology (with concerns it could be used without subjects knowledge, cooperation or consent) in the UK and an appeal in Cardiff over its deployment. We ask the community their thoughts on AFR's use for policing going forward.

The question was, "How comfortable are you with the Police's use of Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) to combat crime?"

The poll was launched on the 04/07/20 and had a total run time of one week ending on 11/07/20.

There was a total of 146 respondents.

The results were as follows:

  • Very Comfortable = 21%

  • Comfortable = 16%

  • Uncomfortable = 29%

  • Very Uncomfortable = 34%

30 voted 'Very Comfortable'. 24 respondents voted for 'Comfortable', 42 respondents voted for 'Uncomfortable', 50 respondents voted for 'Very Uncomfortable'.

This week's questions can be found here. Please submit your vote and get involved.

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Views from the Community

We reached out to the community for their views and to ask the reason for their vote. We had the following valuable insights to share,

Johanna Álvarez

AdTech & Attribution Modeling Project Lead

Barcelo Hotel Group

Voted: Comfortable

"Just comfortable, because I believe data responsibly exploited has become a need for our society (the uses vary from controlling a pandemic to identifying a name it). I personally don’t have a profound issue with sharing my data for as long as I trust who is going to be using it, independently of the fact that it is a private or public organization. Still, part of that responsible exploitation starts with clear communication, which unfortunately is what we lack the most right now".

Falk Starke 强鹰

Business Development Manager


Voted: Very Uncomfortable

"Instead of solving the root cause (manpower in police force too low, internal "compliance issues" with the mindset, lack of EU-wide cross border cooperation just to name a few), they try to fix the symptoms by throwing more technology at the problem and citizen rights out of the window. Typical example by the way of people thinking that new technology can magically solve all their issues. Should we analyze our issues? Nah - just implement AI and blockchain and hope for the best".

Sajith Indra

Director - Research and Development


Voted: Very Uncomfortable

"Providing Police with FR is dangerous because most of the Police doesn't have a moral compass and sense of ethics. In the future, FR will be used for racial, political selective attacks".

Subramanya P

Information Technology Manager


Voted: Very Comfortable

"According to me, this will help to curb/reduce crime. This is my main reason to vote for very comfortable".

Suneet Garg

Vice President, BPM Practice (Energy), Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd

Voted: Very Uncomfortable

"I feel very uncomfortable with the Police’s use of Automated Facial Recognition) to combat crime since it has strong possibilities of being misused to snoop on the innocent public and breach their privacy. With the data collected, Police can even blackmail the person and misuse their position. It is also unethical to use AFR technology to capture images without the consent of the person being photographed. Till proper rules and codes are defined for AFR, this technology must be banned for all use on the public".