Data Protection Officer and GDPR

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Data Protection Officer, although not quite new and unfamiliar to the European Union, it is however just recently been compulsory to have one assigned if you are a public authority or body, or if you carry out certain types of processing activities. In fact, it was only during the implementation of GDPR. With that said; what do these people do and why are they demanded by the regulation all of a sudden? 

Data Protection Officer is a job that has been made compulsory by the European Union to have in every company under GDPR.

But who are the DPO’s, Data Protection Officers? What are their jobs exactly? What significance do they hold in ensuring compliance with GDPR?

The Data Protection Officers’ main responsibility is to provide assistance and give professional advice to the data processor in ensuring compliance They are obliged to keep a record of all the processing activities done by the company where personal data is involved. Every recorded activity should be accompanied by the purpose of the processing transaction and should be accessible to everybody.

The data controllers and/or processors are the ones responsible for anointing a competent data protection officer and their job is to monitor a wide number of data subjects frequently. In some cases, DPO’s are required to keep track of a data subject’s personal data includes sensitive data like criminal records.

Data protection officers have independence from the company that hired them but with limitations. This is to ensure that the DPO’s will serve as the bridges of the European Union and the data subjects to the company.

If by any chance that the people that are usually responsible for hiring a DPO under the regulation are prohibited to do so, the Member State law can rightfully do so. An appointed data protection officer is also required to remit his contact information to the head of the business at all times.

To sum up the foregoing, let’s just say that the data protection officers will be one of the key players for companies to maintain compliance.