CCTV Data Protection Law and ICO fines

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

CCTV laws vary from country to country. The ICO published this article/fine prior to GDPR.

An entrepreneur has been prosecuted for neglecting to enlist with the ICO on the grounds that she was utilizing in-store CCTV.

Kavitha Karthikesu, conceded to the offence under area 17 of the Data Protection Act at Coventry Magistrates’ Court on 1 February. She was fined £200, requested to pay £439.28 prosecution costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

The respondent was using CCTV cameras as a component of her business premises license however said she didn’t understand this implied she needed to register with the ICO. The yearly expense for most organizations is £35.

Ms Karthikesu had not reacted to continued cautioning letters from the controller disclosing to her she was in breach of the Act. She told the court she thought the letters were spam and was unconscious of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Head of ICO Enforcement, Steve Eckersley stated:

“The message here is simple if you are a business operating CCTV cameras you must be registered with the ICO.

“Business owners need to be aware of their obligations when dealing with people’s personal data and this includes footage from CCTV cameras.

Being ignorant of the law and the regulator is no excuse; you could end up spending a day in court and receiving a fine, as well as suffering reputational damage to your business. This could all be avoided with some due care and attention.”