GDPR Community Values 

We believe our values are fundamental in how we operate and in everything we do. Data protection is an important responsibility of the modern-day, and we are happy to be supporting the sharing of information on privacy in a structured and clear to understand manner.

First and foremost we want to be a helpful resource for information about the General Data Protection Regulation. The diverse membership from around the world helps make the community unique. It’s the community members passion, dedication and contribution that helps make us useful. 



We operate an open, friendly space for all to participate in. A community forum with members able to share at their own discretion. Privacy and the data protection is a core value at GDPR Community.



Being transparent and honest helps us tackle problems openly. We truly believe honesty is the best policy and we hope it shines through in everything we do!



We operate as a source that can be turned to when required and to serve information for its purpose. As the community grows we hope you can lean on us for help.



Community is at the core of everything we do; we strive on building our network with a wide diverse range of contributors. These authentic connections make us what we are.



As representatives of the community, the reputation behind the GDPR Community is behind everything we do. We intend to ensure we are consistent in our service and are in line with our values.

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."  

Coretta Scott King